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Secure payments


Internet has changed our lifestyle and our way of making purchases. 

An increasing number of consumers choose to go online to do shopping. Many are discouraged or intimidated by the threat of fraud and compromising of their data. 
Actually, these phenomena are much more frequent in real life than on the web and just take a few simple steps, dictated mainly by the commonsense, to buy safely. 
If you are among them who has doubts, don't worry! You will purchase on our website in total safety. 

For your security, we have chosen the most reliable payment system available on the market: Key Client Cards and Solutions spa. 


Key Client Cards and Solutions spa uses its own platform and payments are totally safe. 

Key Client Cards and Solutions spa is connected to the processing center of Istituto Centrale delle Banche Popolari Italiane authorizing and making the sale transaction by crediting the account specified by the e-commerce operator. 
Increased security: Key Client Cards and Solutions spa ensures security during online transactions due to transport encrypted SSL Triple Des algorithm with 256-bit and the encryption of the parameters sent through consumer's browser. 
For further security, Italian Tooling Systems adheres to "Verified By Visa" service that eliminates the fraud to the detriment of e-commerce merchants for credit cards Visa circuit. 

How does it work?

Your credit card data will be sent to Key Client Cards and Solutions spa through a secure server using SSL protocol at 256 bits, the standard of higher security when sending sensitive information via the Internet. 
SSL is issued, certified and secured by Verisign. The system acts simultaneously on two control levels: 

* SSL a 256 bit: protects your data transmission from your browser to the server of Key Client Cards and Solutions making them not readable to others. 

* Verisign: certifies through a Secure Server ID that you actually are communicating only with Key Client Cards and Solutions's server. Therefore, credit card data are processed exclusively by Key Client Cards and Solutions for necessary controls before authorizing online payment. 
So, Italian Tooling Systems will not have any access to credit card data, but will only manage customer's data (name, surname, address ...) necessary for goods delivery.

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